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Suzuki Work Light Kits


ATV rack mounted LED Work Light... Ideal for Lambing.

Bright LED light, Tilts up and down, Rotates left & right, folds down for transport, Low power consumption, Easily removed, Integrated switch, Powder coated brackets, front or rear rack mounting. The LED light is housed in a heavy duty cast aluminium housing complete with protective side guards. The light unit rotates and tilts to direct light to the working area and is mounted on a half metre high pole which quickly folds down to a transport position. The LED unit consumes a minimum of power which allows the light to operate for long periods without the ATV engine running.

A 55watt Halogen version is also available.

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Suzuki Flashing Beacon Kit
Suzuki Indicator Kits
Suzuki Work Light Kits
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ATV rack mounted LED Work Light

Ideal for Lambing

ATV rack mounted LED Work Light  ATV rack mounted LED Work Light