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Polaris Ranger Flashing Beacon Kits

Flashing Beacons are essential for both the safety of the public and the vehicle operator. When used in public areas high visibility creates an early awareness of a moving vehicle, also visual awareness is paramount for the safety of the operator, for example on narrow twisting country lanes or fast open roads.
Farmeasy produce a range of Flashing Beacon kits for all Ranger Utility Vehicles which include Xenon Beacons or as an option Rotating Halogen Beacons. These are available with Amber lenses or Blue (only for the emergency services).

The Xenon kits provide a high output of flashing light for maximum visibility with the minimum power consumption a major consideration on vehicles with limited electrical power output. All beacons are CE Certified and Weatherproof to IP65.

The kits are available for Roll Bar or Cab mounting and include the relevant brackets, fused harnesses, switches, LED warning lights, fixings and instructions.

If the Ranger is fitted with a Farmeasy Road Lighting Kit the dashboard switch plate has a facility for a Rocker switch with an integrated LED, please specify when ordering.

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Model (Click pictures for larger image)
Ranger Twin Head Flashing Beacon Kit, Basic Cab Roof Mounted
90056 Ranger Twin Head Flashing Beacon Kit, Basic Cab Roof Mounted  90056 Ranger Twin Head Flashing Beacon Kit, Basic Cab Roof Mounted
Folding UTV Beacon Kit Beacon Up  Beacon Down
Beacon fitted